Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Benefits of Affiliate Partnership


 Discounted AVCA Membership Options:

  • The AVCA will offer a $15 rebate to the state volleyball coaches association for each state association member that becomes a member of the AVCA at the full AVCA high school membership rate.
  • The AVCA will offer a $15 discount on AVCA membership for each state association member that becomes a member of the AVCA through the state association.

Annual Coaches Clinic Support:

  • The AVCA can offer to manage the marketing and online registration for the state's annual coaches clinic.  *Minimal fees will apply based on the needs of the state association and can be discussed with the AVCA staff.
  • The AVCA can offer to assist with selling exhibit show space to local and national companies.  *A revenue-share will apply based on agreement arrived at by the AVCA and the state association.
  • The AVCA can assist in seeking out and securing clinicians for the state's annual coaches clinic.
  • The AVCA will send an AVCA representative to the affiliate's annual clinic.  The purpose of the visit will be to make a short presentation to the affiliate group about AVCA, to be available to answer questions about the benefits of joining the AVCA and to distribute AVCA materials.

Web-site Hosting:

  • The AVCA can offer Affiliate Partner-branded Web-site hosting to state coaches associations at a competitive price.  This opportunity allows affiliate partners to maintain control over the content on their Web-sites while showcasing their partnership with the AVCA.

Other Incentives:

  • Personalized web page on the AVCA Affiliate Partner Program Web-site highlighting the successess of the coaches and student-athletes in your state.
  • An Affiliate may use the phrase "An Affiliate Partner of the American Volleyball Coaches Association" in conjunction with its name, logo or trademark.
  • Become part of a community of state high school volleyball coaches associations.
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